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Re: [TCML] Variac Rating

Thanks for the replys everyone, 
Additional information
The core appears to be 2"x3" cross sectional area. With an OD of around 10.5"
It has 300 turns of what appears to be #10 o each core. 
Ken got back to me, and with some measurments and pictures back and forth. We concluded that his unit is identical to mine and his nameplate has 240V 50A 3 phase rating on it. 
Cheers, Jay
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Hi Jay, I have seen some of these that appear to be identical to your prize on eBay that are rated at 520 volts @ 30 amps for each ‘pancake’ coil, with a 67% duty cycle for one hour of continuous use. I believe the three units were originally designed for 3~ application and the 520 volt rating likely has to do with a 3~ delta hookup. Applying 520/1.73 gives a generous 300 volt ‘ceiling’ rating for each coil in a single phase array for a 240 volt input.  Paralleling the three units should easily handle 240/280 volts at 90 amps for coiling purposes, as a 67% duty cycle at an hour of continuous use is WAY beyond the rigors that the typical coiler will subject it to. Nice find. David Rieben     Sent from Mail for Windows 10 
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