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[TCML] Ballast / paralleling choke?

Leading off my previous discussions of  variac ratings and ballast inductor questions. 
Is there any reason I can't throw 3 seperate windings (wound trifilar) on to one ballast core with a common output and seperate inputs thus useing the ballast core as both a ballast and variac paralleling choke simultaneously?
Looking through the list archive, I see mention that for a 3 gang paralleling choke;
You can either use 3 smaller transformers with the variacs wiper output wound equally on each. And then an additional winding on each core which is in series with the other additional windings. 
I also see that I could just wind 3 coils on one core.
I see much more discussion of the first multi transformer option than the second single transformer option. So I'm not sure of the validity of the single transformer option. 
Any thoughts? 
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