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[TCML] Fwd: two 1500VA 120 VAC to 14.4 KV oil free pole pigs for sale

Since I got so many people asking about these I'll just reply to the
list. These are apparently 'potential transformers', not pole pigs.
That makes sense the FPL guy said they were used for measuring

The units would ship from zipcode 78758. Each one is 75 lbs, so crated
each one would be about 90 lbs. Anything over 150 lbs is freight, so
to be packages they would need to be separate. If there is a freight
terminal in Austin that will unload them from my pickup truck I can
drop it off there provided you arrange everything. But I am going to
charge $50 for crating these, since it will require about an hour of
my time. I will make sure they are crated properly so they survive the

I'll take $250 for the both of them. The only other prices I can see
are all above $350 for just one transformer, so in the interest of
getting these gone I'm setting my price low.


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Subject: two 1500VA 120 VAC to 14.4 KV oil free pole pigs for sale
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These transformers are located in Austin, Texas.

I purchased these two transformers from a Floride Power & Light
employee who said that FPL was just phasing out this smaller type of

These are oil free and run on 120 VAC, this is the most compact pole
pig I've ever come across. These two in a center tap connection would
give you a 28.8 KV supply at up to 3000VA, probably more on a lower
duty cycle.

In a previous life I am sure I would have used these for some project,
but I doubt I will ever get around to doing that.

I think this is the datasheet for them


Here are some pictures:

Just make me an offer on these, I want to sell them both together.

I will gladly crate & ship them UPS package but they would have to
shipped separately from each other so it doesn't have to go freight.
It'd be much cheaper to pick them up in person.

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