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[TCML] Toroid made from 1/4" copper tubing

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When looking to invest in a 15” toroid (spun aluminum) on ebay, I saw that some people are selling them made from ¼” copper tubing wound around the circumference held in a plastic rack made of 4 circles with notches for the tubing connected to a center piece. I have heard of them built back when wound in the other direction wound in the minor diameter, which would be much easier, just wrap tubing around a pipe or whatever, slide it off, bend it in circle and braze the ends together. Having seen what high spots and other irregularities can cause, I am very skeptical. If you look on ebay for tesla toroid you will see one. He claims it will outperform a spun aluminum one. Anyone have any actual personal experience with these, and if so, how does it effect the arc pattern.
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