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Re: [TCML] 42" Sparks 12/30 - John Freau

I used a 120 bps synchronous rotary gap on the TT-42 Tesla coil that 
gave 42" sparks.  The design won't work well with a non-synch rotary.
My tap point is at 14.5 turns if I remember correctly, although I put on
21 turns of the 12awg wire.  I used a 4" x 13" spun aluminum toroid.  

Of of the important things to know about tesla coils is that some things
are important and some are not.  Thickness of the wire, exact sizes,
etc tend not to be very important as long as their within a suitable range.
Of course the coil must be tuned properly and coupled up to the right
degree.  A TC using 0.25 copper tubing will work just as well provided
everything is adjusted and tuned well.  I just used 12awg wire to show
that it's not all that critical, and I wanted to build something that looked
rather different.  My old website at AOL and then some other webhosting
place disappeared.  My transformer is a 12/30 NST, however I had 
taken it apart and removed the tar.  It's a robust older model which
tends to be a little more powerful than some newer ones.  A newer
transformer might only give a 38" spark.  

With the 120 bps sync rotary, it's necessary to use a larger tank
capacitor.  I used 0.015uF.  This is important.  At low bps, you
need a large capacitor for a large bang size, for large power
throughput.  Spark length depends mostly on power throughput.  

Do you have the full specs for my TT-42 coil and a photo? 

John Freau 

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Well maybe I'm resurrecting a dead thread, but all of this is still shiny
and new to this future lifelong coiler(I can already tell). So I have the
magnet wire on way, 19x 2kv .15uF corniel-dubbliers(butchered it), and will
be testing my first rotary...

Assuming I'm correct I should have .0075 uF tank. As to rotary, it is
uncharted territory. So I might run my Flat RQ gap and my attempt at a
rotary to see my difference. But my main thought was on the primary. So
34th turn(off top my head) was the tap point?
 I see a lot of intros to coils using .25" tubing .25" spacing at ~15 turns
for primary and just tapping it till its awesome. So why such the big
difference? I also noticed it was 12(?)g stranded wire. Does having more
primary wraps allow better and/or more power transfer? Is there a big
difference to the spacing between the wire?

I just redid my first coil and have about 3/8 to .5 gap between turns
instead of 1/4. It seems less feisty. I changed wiring and primary and have
attributed my losses(incorrectly maybe) to my primary.

I want to try ur primary... But what would be the difference if I used an
avg .25x.25? On your coil specs BTW... I was using my old coil as reference.
There is so much to grasp here all at once... I went from playing with
arduinos to Tesla coils. I've learned a lot but still am one lost puppy....
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