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Re: [TCML] 42" Sparks 12/30 - John Freau

Regarding primary "conventions" - I think that .25 copper tubing is used
because it's inexpensive, low resistance (losses), and is easy to quickly
move the tapping point.  The usual .25 space between windings is simply
what's the smallest reasonable pitch with the ability to still tap it
without shorting it.  I suspect that the losses between .25 tubing and 12
gauge wire would not be monumental, but experimentally tapping insulated
wire would be ugly and not electrically/mechanically robust.

A larger number of primary turns has nothing to do with power transfer.
More turns is more inductance.  More inductance means lower primary and
spark gap current, and lower gap current means lower gap losses.  I think
the upper limit of primary turns is probably the physical size of the
resulting coil.

A LOT of things change when going from a static gap to RSG, particularly
SRSG.  A much larger cap is necessary, and I cannot overstate the
importance of using a *properly* set safety gap in parallel with the RSG.
Unfortunately one can't go back and forth changing just the gap type
static/RSG, to see which performs better.  I would recommend that you
thoroughly get familiar with coiling with a static gap before undertaking
an RSG.  When I upgraded my 15/60 NST coil from static to SRSG, the NST and
Variac were the only things that did not change.

Regards, Gary Lau

On Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 10:02 PM, Guape Sinnelag <amn1t3@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Well maybe I'm resurrecting a dead thread, but all of this is still shiny
> and new to this future lifelong coiler(I can already tell). So I have the
> magnet wire on way, 19x 2kv .15uF corniel-dubbliers(butchered it), and will
> be testing my first rotary...
> Assuming I'm correct I should have .0075 uF tank. As to rotary, it is
> uncharted territory. So I might run my Flat RQ gap and my attempt at a
> rotary to see my difference. But my main thought was on the primary. So
> 34th turn(off top my head) was the tap point?
>  I see a lot of intros to coils using .25" tubing .25" spacing at ~15 turns
> for primary and just tapping it till its awesome. So why such the big
> difference? I also noticed it was 12(?)g stranded wire. Does having more
> primary wraps allow better and/or more power transfer? Is there a big
> difference to the spacing between the wire?
> I just redid my first coil and have about 3/8 to .5 gap between turns
> instead of 1/4. It seems less feisty. I changed wiring and primary and have
> attributed my losses(incorrectly maybe) to my primary.
> I want to try ur primary... But what would be the difference if I used an
> avg .25x.25? On your coil specs BTW... I was using my old coil as
> reference.
> There is so much to grasp here all at once... I went from playing with
> arduinos to Tesla coils. I've learned a lot but still am one lost puppy....
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