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Re: [TCML] VTTC MOT question

Hi Steve,

On the interrupter, it sounds like you are on the in between of the
transition of the rates changing. On a scope you can see this not being
smooth, hence the behavior of sparks. But also it might be that your
interrupter may not make this transition as smooth, or even not stablize at
all at some rates. Mine when first put together had some similar behavior
also. I did not like this. So I have changed some values of some components
to get the transition period very short and smooth with the aid of the
scope. I'm not likely to fall in between. Sounds like you have a "wider"
period. I don't remember currently for mine what I all changed, but it is
written down somewhere. I know yours unfortunately is not as easy to make
changes to and the circuit has some similar things but some things are
different from what I remember on your schematic for your board.

Yes, I would keep experimenting with the feedback as you currently are. Try
some other tuning changes also after you try a change to the feedback.

Sounds like on the PFC that is all you need currently. I would not worry
too much on this currently, until you start drawing more power, possibly
tripping the breaker.

Me, I am hoping to start to take several measurements later today. Some
will be during running.

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