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Re: [TCML] Pole Transformers for sale

I bought my 10 KVA pig from T&R Electric about 15 years ago for $275 as I recall. I picked it up myself though and I paid them on the spot in cash. To be sure they would sell to me, I made up a story that I was starting a neon sign shop and needed the pig as a bombarder. Fortunately they didn't know anything about making neon signs because my knowledge about that subject was only skin deep.

It seems like I read a posting on here some time back stating that T&R Electric would no longer sell to the public. There was a lot of lamentation about that. If so, you may need an appropriate cover story.

I hate deception but if that is what it takes to get a pole pig, then some deception may be necessary unfortunately.


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What ever happened to T & R Electric?  Awhile 
back, I'm astounded to see that it was in 2002, I 
purchased a 5 KVA pig from them for $199, 
delivered.  They had their own truck and driver 
that traveled America's highways dropping off 
transformers along the way, sort of like Johnny 
Appleseed.  I see that they still have an active 
web site so it might be worth a shot.  Of course 
their corporate philosophy toward dispensing 
dangerous hardware to rank amateurs may have 
changed in the succeeding 16 years.


   At 04:41 PM 4/25/2018, you wrote:
>Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64Allen,
>Try keeping an eye on eBay. Occasionally, a nice 
>deal on a smaller pole pig, or sometimes even a 
>PT, will show up on eBay from time to time. 
>There's just about always oversized ones list on 
>there (or very over priced ones when it come to 
>PTs), but with perseverance, sometimes a real 
>deal will show up. I recently obtained a 3 kVA 
>rated 155:1 (18.6 kV) PT for $75 off of eBay. 
>The only caveat was that at 225 lbs (+ the 
>weight of the shipping pallet), it cost me just 
>over $200 to ship it, but still <$300 total 
>invested into a real beast of a dry type 
>potentital transformer is a decent deal. Also, 
>although it's probably been some 20 years ago 
>now, I seem to recall someone, probably on this 
>list, mentioning that they could get them for a 
>reasopnable cost from the local electrical 
>utility company in the Denver area.? Maybe check into that?
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>HØ]™H[HHØ[ÈÙYHYˆ\™HØ\È[žHØ^H@ could have them ship the
>>smallest Kva unit they have but not a chance. I 
>>live in Colorado Springs so there’s no chance 
>>fo me to pick one up. I’m looking for a really 
>>small unit from 1 to 5 Kva. Looks like I’ll never get to have a pole pig coil.
>Ù[�œ›ÛH^HTY�‚��ˆOn Apr 24, 2018, at 9:22 PM, 
>Miles Mauldin <TeslaMiles@xxxxxxxÜ›ÝN‚ƒà 
>ø�$�±°�‰åÑ”°�±½½­Ì�±¥­”�…¸�¡½ÕÈ�…¹��„� alf drive 
>for me. Their web site and ˆ˜XÙX›ÛÚÈYÙH\€e 
>exclusively centered on buying scrap metal and demo /
>>>removal services. Do they sell, and I would assume in working condition,
>ˆÚÛH[š]ÏÈ܈\™H[ÝH™][™ÈÛ€ getting a working unit...
>>>"Florida" Miles
>>�‚6Pnt from a tiny device with a tiny keyboard via some cloud...
>>ˆÜ›ÝN‚��€£àø�Q¼�…¹å½¹”�Ý¡¼�¥Ì with in driving distance of central Florida.
>>ˆ\™H@s a company named TRC America located in Zellwood that re-cycles
>�ˆ˜[œÙ›Ü›Y\œ‹ƒãâF†W’6VÆÂF†VÒf÷"CrãFðllars per 
>kva. I got my 10 kva unit a couple
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