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Re: [TCML] VTTC grid feedback coil

Hi Steve,

Been a while, I know you have been doing a few others things also, but any
more progress on your VTTC? Did you get a probe to measure your grid
voltage yet? I am curious of what it is.

Me, I have been busy with several things besides coils, but recently
started some work again. Just yesterday I got in a vacuum varible capacitor
to put in my T200 MOT VTTC. I did not like the 3 G2's micas the way it was
mounted up. Had no choice at the time to get the value that I needed. I was
very patient and finally got this VVCap at a fair price. Man, they are
fairly hard to find at a decent price most of the time. Go high, fairly
often on EB. Then getting the value and voltage needed also. So I have
mounted it up taking all 3 G2's off and mounting 1 F3 mica and this VVCap
for the tank. Much better looking and nice to tune it in even better, it
was still off just a little before. Only tested for a short bit last night,
it was late, but I was not expecting any real big gains in length, could be
a little, I will check later, but I did notice more stability in my arcs
going and staying straighter, with very little sideways wandering once fine
tuned in.

So here is a couple of pictures of before and after.



And related also, here is a sneak peek picture of my current 3-500ZG VTTC
project, that I have finally starting working on again recently.



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On Mon, Apr 9, 2018, 5:18 PM Steve White <steve.white1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Chris,
> I still think my feedback coil has too many windings, but I am not going
> to remove any more turns until I can actually measure the grid voltage. I
> don't like doing things like this blind without some measurement to assess
> whether I am doing good or bad. I have a very good 100 MHz BW digital
> oscilloscope but I do not have a high voltage probe, therefore I am getting
> ready to order one.
> Steve
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