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Re: [TCML] Secondary Coil Wiring

On 1/7/18 11:10 PM, YESN via Tesla wrote:

Does anyone know good places to buy wiring? I can’t seem to find enough metres, they all sell 20-67 metres while I need somewhere around 400. The diameter I am going to use is 0,4 mm.
(Perhaps stupid question but: the wiring needs to already have a coating right? And is it recommended to coat the entire coil afterwards?)

Last time, I bought mine online from Amazon (actually from some wire company in South Dakota).

Yes, it needs to be coated - What you are looking for generically is "magnet wire" - the higher temperature coatings are often more rugged.

0.4mm is close to AWG 26 which is a fairly common size. You're looking for about a pound/half a kilo. So shipping costs won't be extreme.

You can check the various online parts suppliers (Newark, Farnell, Mouser) to see if they ship to where you are.

For "retail" check at shops that do motor rewinding - they'll have many km around, and they may be willing to sell some to you.
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