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Re: [TCML] Eastern Voltage Research staccato board

Hi Steve,

Been a rough day again at work, so tired, but this has crossed my mind as I
fell a sleep last night. Basically bypassing whole circuit at the circuit
itself. For me as I said for one coil I am doing it as shorting at triac
itself at the coil where the triac is. And then I can just leave whole
interrupter circuit turned off. But I guess you want to be able to switch
quickly between modes of operation. That is OK.
We all prefer different things. Just want to say, on my current, not EVR
circuit I can "close up" or "expand" depending on how you look at it, the
pulse the widths and bring up the freq. to  full 60Hz, which is the same as
so called "CW". Of course not at the flip of the switch of course.

Just some tired thoughts...


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