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[TCML] VTTC MOT input voltage

I recently finished my 883A VTTC. With 120 volts as input to the MOT, I am getting 17" sparks with staccato drive. The coil is based on Steve Ward's schematic. Although I am satisfied with the performance I am wondering if I can get a little more. Steve Ward reports 22" sparks. The tuning on my coil is perfect, at least to 1/2 turn accuracy on the primary. The resonant frequency is 361 Khz. Construction quality is high with short lead lengths in the primary circuit. One difference that I did see between mine and Steve Ward's is that I am only using 120 volts as input to the MOT from the variac while Steve Ward seems to be using 140 volts. I could change my variac taps to get 140 volts instead of 120 volts but I am concerned with over-stressing the MOT secondary.

My question is this. Will 140 volts as input to the MOT make a significant difference in spark length? Will 140 volts over-stress the MOT secondary?
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