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Re: [TCML] VTTC MOT question

Another addition that I forgot to mention is a feedback coil shield. This is a circle of acrylic at the top of my primary coil which extends about 2 inches outward all around the primary form. Since my feedback coil is above my primary coil I had to add this. Without it I saw 2 discharges from the secondary reach the feedback coil. One of them left a carbon track on the primary coil form which I was fortunately able to completely remove. After adding the feedback coil shield I haven't had a problem with sparks between the secondary coil and the feedback coil.

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Hi Steve,

Been quiet on your tube coil currently...
Did you try any changes recently?
I hope you keep at it.

Me, I recently got my secondary rewound and got my coil put back together.
Fired it up a couple of days ago. No great initial gains, but after pulling
an all nighter (never went to bed, went straight to work, did not want to
stop) of testing, tuning, and experimenting, I made very great gains. I am
at 29" now. I feel there is just a bit more also, with a change and fine
tuning. First break out on the variac is now at 60-65%. I will give some
more thorough description of what I all did probably this weekend sometime.
I will have some more time on Thursday and Friday to make a change and try
futher tuning to get just a bit more.

Here is a picture I took.
Yardstick hanging behind.



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