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Re: [TCML] Picture share.

On 8/9/19 6:22 AM, James Janota via Tesla wrote:
Can I send pictures through the email? I want to be opinions about my MMC bank build.

No, the TCML doesn't support images, just text.

What most folks do is post the image to somewhere public (flickr, google, etc.) and post a link.

Please don't just post a link - tell us what the link is pointing to. And make sure that the link looks "normal" and doesn't point to somewhere suspicious.

Posts with just a link get rejected, unread - The moderators aren't interested in clicking random links in emails.

Sure, you may have free space on a server called "www.horriblegrossimages.net", but I, and the other moderators, are probably not going to click on that link to check it - it just looks too skeevy.

But, by all means post your MMC pictures and let us comment!

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