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Re: [TCML] The RF Police

Hello Dan,

Tesla coils are not generally operated very often. I only run mine a few times per year. Even if you were interfering, it would take a while to marshal the resources to detect and find you because it is so infrequent. I am not near any military base but I live within 1/4 mile of a large aerospace company who manufactures and tests a lot of radio equipment both civilian and military covering frequencies ranging from 2 MHz through several GHz. I have never had a complaint about RF emissions. Now if you were operating it daily for extended periods then there might be some reason for concern. Other than that, I say that you shouldn't worry about it. Just fire it up.

Steve White
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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I am currently working on a pig powered magnifier. I am wondering at what
power levels do I need to be concerned with RF interference and (USA)
Federal Laws and entities getting angry. I don't plan on going over 10KVA.

The good news is, I live out in the country. The bad news is, I live 2.5
miles (as the RF crow flies) away from a military base. And in between my
house and the base, is an off base facility 1.2 miles away (as the RF crow
flies). I believe it is a training center, but there are many antennas and
my radar detector goes crazy there, so I know there is some sort of comm
link between the base and the building.

Kansas City area
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