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Re: [TCML] The RF Police

Annoyingly loud, especially when they basically buzz our house and the kids are asleep.  -.- Thankfully I'm also buffered by some woods, so prying eyes cant see me run the coil though. Jay Howson
-------- Original message --------From: Daniel Kunkel <dankunkel@xxxxxxxxx> Date: 8/29/19  8:44 AM  (GMT-05:00) To: Tesla Coil Mailing List <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> Subject: Re: [TCML] The RF Police Jim Lux: can you be my lawyer?Jay: how loud is it by your house?Steve: true they are not operated very often, but I can see my firstlight/tuning session being a long one while I work out the kinks, maybeeven over an entire weekend.Thanks for all the replies everyone! I guess I should go above and beyond10KVA now just to find out where that pain point is hahaha!~Dan_______________________________________________Tesla mailing listTesla@tedward.pupman.comhttps://www.pupman.com/mailman/listinfo/tesla
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