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Re: [TCML] Wrong theory spreading

Em 06/12/2019 16:04, Jay Howson escreveu:
You should correct it!! Surely one of your papers could be cited in place of the German one. Jay Howson

I will see what can I do. Looking at the history of editions it's possible to find that by 12 March 2017 someone edited the text saying that the secondary resonance frequency was 1/(2 pi sqrt((1-k^2)L2 C2). This is true if the primary coil is kept in the circuit and short-circuited, but the correct relation continues to be L1 C1=L2 C2. The incorrect tuning relation was added too. Eventually the incorrect references were added (I still could not find the Japanese paper. Looking at the magazine issues in https://toragi.cqpub.co.jp/tabid/826/Default.aspx to see if I find something), and finally someone returned the expressions to the usual form but kept the strange tuning relation. I corrected the Portuguese version, that is simpler and apparently was changed by the same person. Antonio Queiroz

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