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Re: [TCML] Tesla help

On 2/6/19 8:05 PM, Anthony Dresden wrote:
First off, this is amazing thank you so much for providing this site.
I am having some difficulty with resonance formula. I can solve for
Xc(because frequency,and capacity are given numbers) but how do I get
inductive reactance figures,

Xl = 2*pi*f*L

There are many formulas for calculating L using number of turns and the dimensions of the coil.
Wheeler's equation is widely used as a pretty good approximation.

the two forms that turn up in tesla coils are the single layer solenoid (for the secondary) and the flat single layer pancake (for the primary)

I don't know that the secondary links on my Wheeler page still work.

What most folks do is use a program like JavaTC (google for it, there's online and downloadable versions) to run the calculations.

 I have tried formulas that involve the number
of coils, gauge of wire, resistance, frequency,ect. Could you please she'd
some light on the subject. As I don't have the instraments to collect this
Thank you much.
Marcus Anthony.
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