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Em 10/02/2019 19:14, Harvey Norris via Tesla escreveu:
Antonio  Queiroz wrote;  Resonance happens when you associate
capacitors and inductors as if they were resistors so the resulting
reactance goes to zero (simplest case, L in series with C) or to
infinity (simplest case L and C in parallel). .    These descriptions are not all inclusive where for multilayered coils because of internal capacity between windings opposing cancelling reactances in series will not completely negate those reactive effects in opposition; Radio Engineering :F.E. Terman;  Properties of Resonant Circuits "It is to be noted that the apparent Q of a coil is decreased by self capacity." As a result of this cancelling reactances to the source voltage can be demonstrated; but their Ohms law conduction at series resonance does not occur, which can be measured on multilayered coils as a % of decrease of value from the mathematically formulated ideal q factor expressed as X(L)/R. Additionally the (apparent) series resonant rise of voltage with respect to it's input voltage will be smaller then that predicted from the ideal Q factor, not delimited by internal capacity of that measurement. Additionally the reactance towards the source for parallel resonance cannot be infinity, otherwise the resonant rise of amperage from the source to the load could not be measured as a ratio to begin with. Perhaps you are speaking with specific air core examples which may be distantly related to analogies of directly  line coupled driven examples. Sincerely Harvey D Norris
You certainly didn't notice the text "simplest case", and what I said applies just to reactances, without resistances in series or parallel. In this context it's all completely true. Of course all practical reactances have some resistance too, all inductors have parasitic capacitances, all capacitors have parasitic inductance and they deviate the behavior of the systems somewhat from the ideal.

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz

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