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Re: [TCML] Single turn primaries - was Coupling

On Sun, Feb 17, 2019 at 8:10 PM Gary Lau <glau1024@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> When designing a Tesla coil, one starts with a power source.  After we know
> how much power is available, this allows us to choose a primary capacitance
> that can successfully be charged ~120-240 times per second with the power
> available from that power source.  The size of the power source also allows
> us to choose secondary and topload sizes, and now we have to find a primary
> inductance that makes everything resonate at the same frequency.  If you
> impose the constraint that the primary be just one turn, the primary
> capacitance will be far, far, FAR too large to be charged by the power
> supply.

There is no question that coilers usually start with their power supply and
secondary and choose their primary coil windings accordingly. This is why
most coil projects are either high voltage transformers or hybrid
transformers/resonators. It is also why so many coils produce less than
stellar results. It is rare to see a true resonator coil like Tesla built,
although I have seen them, and I have seen them on this list.

You want to see a single example of a single turn primary coil? Look at
Tesla's magnifier at Colorado Springs.

And no, I was not suggesting that Tesla was always right. It goes without
saying that when you start from scratch and develop the whole field of
radio broadcasting, and three phase power transmission, and three phase
motors, then there will be progress and improvements on earlier designs.
Tesla had to learn just like the rest of us. And even later in his life he
still promoted ideas that were even then proven wrong. Pointing out Tesla's
successes does not make him a god.

The discussion began with Doug wanting to play with his adjustable coil
setup and learn about maximum coupling. I was pointing out the conditions
for maximum coupling. Please, just appreciate the discussion and allow
other people to shine once in a while.

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