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Re: [TCML] Custom GU-81M Vacuum Tube Socket

Lovely stuff, can you provide the name of your pcb design software (if any)
by chance?



On Thu, Feb 28, 2019, 2:53 PM derstrom8--- via Tesla <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>

> Greetings all,
> As you may recall, a few weeks ago I mentioned wanting a cheaper solution
> for connecting wires to the studs on the bottom of the GU-81M vacuum tube
> for my VTTC. Sockets for these tubes can be found on ebay, though they seem
> somewhat expensive - between $50 and $80 each. That wasn't exactly in my
> budget so I decided to design a PCB to use as the socket for my tube. This
> is what I came up with:
> - PCB is approximately 80mm in diameter (perhaps 90, I cannot recall off
> the top of my head) and is 1.6mm thick (a standard PCB thickness)
> - There is a slot in the center of the board to allow it to be seated
> around the glass alignment feature on the base of the tube
> - Contact with the tube's studs is achieved using six Keystone #3510 6.4mm
> (1/4in) PCB-mount fuse clips. These clips are rated for 15A so should do
> the trick
> - External wiring is connected to the board using six Keystone #4966 1/4"
> PCB-mount male spade terminals.
> That's it. Very simple. The assembled board can be seen here:
> https://imgur.com/a/T1oVP5A
> Note the original design had the spade terminals mounted to the top side
> of the PCB (same side as the fuse clips) but I quickly realized that this
> brought them much too close to the metal tube base. I decided to remove
> them and place them on the bottom layer instead, thus providing much more
> clearance.
> If I were to do this again (and who knows, maybe I will), I would probably
> make the PCB thicker (2.35mm instead of 1.60mm) because it gets a bit
> flimsy in spots due to the large cutout. It isn't a critical issue but it
> would be much more rugged if I thickened the board a bit.
> I just thought I would share in case anyone might be interested.
> Regards,
> Matt, Fairlee VT
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