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Re: [TCML] Some VTTC tube rolling results...got surprised twice!

Hi all again tonight...

Did some more "playing around" and experimenting for about 3 hours

Put in TL#5.

Was able to get pretty good consistent swords (so have another one) on this
one at some tunings, otherwise it is with the usual leghorns. Sometimes
with branches and crazy curving also. Was not able to measure the crazy
curving. Took one strike to the top of my head... Did not leave at crazy
curving tuning that long because of this. Did not want to get hit again :-)
Did not hurt, but definitely freaks you out! Worried also about possible
face strikes and I would say one to the eye would not be good at all !!!

I just wrote down some quick notes occasionally experimenting with
different tuning and rates. No pictures or video taken.
So here are the results in the order I wrote them down:


At times besides going for maximum length, I was trying to see how low I
could get the amps and still get best length for the low amperage. Again
just played around and at least I found some of this interesting to me.

So probably next weekend I will get the scope out and check some things.
I will also try to substitute temporarily a midsize newer MOT if I have
time and see what happens.

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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