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[TCML] More power, less interesting sparks?


I have just upgraded my coil to a little over 20 kW input, formerly it was
more like 12 kW. 


The sparks are certainly fatter, brighter and louder at 20 kW, but they are
also less interesting to watch. 

They tend to immediately stick to the nearest grounded object, the striking
ring or the grounded protection net I use around the base. Visually they
look like a giant TIG welding arc, burning the same spot without moving.
They seem to not want to let go of the first grounded object. 

The raw power of the streamer is certainly a bit frightening, but the static
behaviour is not very interesting. As they seldom ventures outwards, I can´t
say much about max length. The distance to the floor is not more than about
6 ft. 


If I use the lowest ballast tap for about 10 kW, the streamers are
constantly probing the surroundings in different directions, with hits to
the floor, roof or occasionally objects at larger distance horizontally.
They are much thinner, of course, but their behaviour is more interesting.
Max length sideways is about 11 ft. If they start from the floor, they tend
to climb outwards and then upwards, possibly because heated air movement. 


Besides the difference in power, the bps is set to about 240 at 10 kW, but
more like 340 at 20 kW. Perhaps this also determines the stability of the
streamer channel. 


Anyone who has similar experiences at different power levels?



Stockholm, Sweden

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