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Re: [TCML] Richard Burnett´s resonant charging ideas confirmed

Hello Jan,

Here, in Switzerland, I’m also one of the old spark-gappers. My “Black & White” TC had first light in July 2000, and was recently (July 2019)  on a performance in Bern (Ostermundigen) in a very big former high-bay warehouse ( Floor space ~110x110 m; Height ~17 m).  My friends of the Bern University have continued to refresh and enhance the coil, together with the original crew. Urs Lauterburg organized the whole performance and demonstrated the coil to the public:

The local TV channel "Tele Bärn" has made a short contribution to our Tesla coil in the "News" on Wednesday, 24th July 2019 at 6 pm, before the public screenings:

Later I received a nice video from the visitor Markus Lehner; thank you!
The video can be viewed at this link: https://vimeo.com/350242089
(© Markus Lehner)
In addition, it may be recalled here that the B&W TC was shown to the public in the early years of the millennium (2000 Technorama, 2002 Voltahalle / Gundelifeld Hall 7), with comparable results, by the designers of the TC. On my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/hvchbs/videos?view=0  see the video:


From the year 2005 (the celebrations to the 100th anniversary of the special theory of relativity), the TC found a long-time residence at the University of Bern, after use. The designers are extremely grateful for that. And the Physical Institute of the University, with Urs Lauterburg as an experiment-preparer ("physics demonstrator"), has used the coil and always gradually replaced "hobbyist solutions" of the original construction with improved and more professional ones (prime example: synchronously rotating spark gap reconstructed / Franz Marbacher + team).

We hope and trust that "Black & White" will find a permanent home for the future at the Institute of Physics at the University of Bern, where it is in good hands and occasionally can be presented to interested audiences on special occasions, as a symbol of the achievements of scientific research.

Kurt Schraner

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I was finally able to confirm Richard Burnett´s ideas about resonant charging by both simulations and measurements. This is at my site www.sthlmteslacoil.se <http://www.sthlmteslacoil.se>  now, as well as some recommendations on how to measure this. There are also some suggestions on how to measure cap voltage indirectly on the HV transformer primary side. 

Please comment, if there still are any spark gap coilers left, in these days of solid state coils  😊


Stockholm, Sweden

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