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Re: [TCML] approximate value of these items

Hi Bob, 

I suppose to put it in terms of economics, it depends on what the market will bare. I can offer a ‘suggested retail price’ for you to ponder with your items, though. Assuming the 12/60 NSTs to be the old style, iron core and non-GFI type, I would think that $200 each (and maybe $350 for both to encourage the collection of both in one transaction) would be a good asking price to start with.
As for the 7.5 kV/120ma NST, due to the scarcity of 120 ma units in any common voltage, I would probably start out asking $300 for this jewel and see if I got any nibbles.

As for the PT, although eBay sellers tend to ask a small fortune (>$600 and up) for the higher distribution voltage rated surplus (and used) potential transformers, these same transformers also tend to REMAIN on eBay at these rather exorbitant prices. To arouse the interest of hobby high voltage enthusiasts, I would probably start off asking around $250 for this unit. 

The pole pig is probably pretty much in the same boat as the PT and I would probably ask a similar price for it. Although PTs and pole pigs are serious work horses for spark gap Tesla coil work, they are indeed true electrocution hazards, quite heavy and require additionally weighty and costly ballasting to be usable. Also, due to the onslaught of much lighter and more versatile solid state coils (DRSSTCs) to the cooling community over the past couple of decades, the demand for classic spark gap coil hardware has waned, although not completely disappeared, during this same time frame. I would probably also add the ‘OBO’ acronym to each of my prices to show that my prices are open to negotiation.

Of course, another real clencher for the potential purchaser of your goods is the shipping and handling charges that will be incurred by the transportation of these massive items. Your location would need to be considered by those who would fain interest in any of your hardware, who may be close enough to come and pick up their-self to defer the costly shipping charges. 

David Rieben

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> On Oct 7, 2019, at 11:04 PM, Robert Arenella <rja12@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
>         We are contemplating a move in the near future & I might try to lighten the load.  Would appreciate if you could put some dollar figures on a few items.
> 1) Have a matched pair of 12KV / 60mA NST's.  Both working & good cosmetics.
> 2) 7500 volt / 120mA NST. Works & good cosmetics.
> 3) 13.2KV PT. Works, good cosmetics.
> 4) 14.4KV / 5KVA dual bushing pole pig. same condition as above.
> Thanks
> Bob
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