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[TCML] Variac for sale

I guess I will pass this to the entire list too:



Sorry for the massive delay. Been really busy. I only have 2 variacs left.
Here is the larger one (Stack). I may hang onto the other one for an
unforeseen future project just in case. This one however needs a new home.
Taking up needed space in the garage. It was originally a chain driven
stack. I'll let you read the faceplate for specs. The brushes are in great
condition. Overall the stack is in great condition. Just needs a little
cleaning. It is of course very heavy. I am located in Raleigh NC. I do have
access to a loading dock if you want to arrange freight shipping. I should
be able to easily get a hold of a free pallet. Local pickup would be best
though. I'll let it go for $400. Pictures attached.



Here are the pictures








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