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Re: [TCML] Fairly big changes to my little 304 VTTC

Hi Steve and all.

Well, I am finally back online with my 304 this past weekend.

It has been a somewhat frustrating three weekends off and on to repair my
interrupter. Had to walk away at times to take a break. Lots of scope time
and looking for parts. And component checking. Had a lot of trouble once I
got it working again somewhat to run smoothly and synch properly. During
this I decided it was time to clean up the layout, to make it somewhat
easier to troubleshoot and change/swap parts. Seems like I pretty much
rebuilt the whole thing. Even had to change the transformer. I have lost
track of what actually has all got changed in the end. It now works great
and well the layout on the breadboard is now much better and cleaner.

Here is before and after pictures of breadboard interrupter.


On Saturday and Sunday, I have been running and testing the coil thoroughly
to make sure I have fixed all the problems. And of course, glad to report
that I have. During the down time when I had to walk away from the
interrupter frustrations, I decided to make just a few changes to the coil,
just to clean things up. They weren't damaged, just wanted to clean things
up a little. I decided to switch to a smaller variac for the filament, that
I recently got, that also happens to match my plate variac. And I made a
small layout tweak to my grid leak.

I am going to post several pictures and a couple of videos of the current
state of tuning that I am currently running. I am still tweaking/tuning

There are also a few thermal pictures I took right away after shutting
down. This run was for about 30 minutes non-stop at all different break
rates. Nothing really hot at all, see therms.

I also make a few comments on the longer running video.

The other shorter video is of a very neat and interesting effect of my self
supporting primary, which I am going to call "quivering".

So here is the links to some pictures and videos.



So besides being busy fixing the coil and going to my job, I have been
lurking on the list here. Been a few interesting topics recently.

Feels good to have normal fun again running the "304". Going to keep
tweaking and experimenting with this new primary setup.

Ok, enough for now...

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

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