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Re: [TCML] Dumb Ballast Question


I think you could connect the start of one conductor to the end of the other, and get the electrical and inductive  equivalent of of (1) 500' piece.

The only concern that I have is that most of the clear PVC insulated speaker wire I have seen isn't rated for service at much of anything above room temperature. Ballasts can get pretty warm fast after short runs.


On 9/19/2019 4:28 PM, daniel_kline7657--- via Tesla wrote:
Dear List,
I have a question regarding ballast for a 14.4kV distribution transformer.

Last time I set one of these up, I used a 500-foot roll of 12 gauge solid wire as ballast. That worked great.

I no longer have that roll of wire, but I do have a 250-foot roll of 12-gauge stranded two-conductor speaker wire.

My question is this: Can I leave the wire on the roll as it is and connect the two conductors together at the end of the roll, essentially creating a single conductor roll of 500 feet. Or should I unroll all of the wire and separate it into two 250-foot single conductors, connect them together, and then re-roll what would then be a 500-foot single conductor wire.

I ask because I am afraid that if I just leave the wire on the roll and connect the two ends I'll have lots of eddy currents and heating issues when using it as the ballast.
Thanks,Dan K.
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