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Re: [TCML] Mysterious streamer current impulses

On 9/22/19 4:31 AM, jan@xxxxxxxx wrote:

I have published another measurement, this time of streamer current impulses
of very high amplitude:


I have also added some wild speculations, please feel free to comment.

not so wild.. I suspect that if you look at the capacitance of your topload, and the inductance of the streamer (use 1 uH/meter), plus the ground return to the coil (so, maybe 4x streamer length) you may find you're in the right place for a resonance.

You could *test* this by putting a wire in place of the streamer, and then driving the coil with a short impulse from a signal generator (or any sort of oscillator) and looking at the waveform. You might also try shorting the secondary from top to bottom for this test.

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