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Re: [TCML] Mysterious streamer current impulses

Hi Jan,

an interesting measurement and very surprising to me. Have
a look at this streamer current measurement.


It was made by measuring the current from the top load to a breakout rod.
The current during a ground strike peaks out at about 7(!) amps.
I've no explanation for the difference, but part of it could be, that Hydrons
measurement lacks the temporal resolution.

You have to be careful about comparing TC arcs to VDG ones. The voltage drop
along the TC arc, as indicated by Hydrons measurements is on the average of
about 3kV/cm. That is much less than for the VDG arcs, which is about
10 times larger. So the energy dissipated by the top load discharge is distributed
over a much shorter arc length for the VDG. That makes the this arc considerably
more conductive and hence currents bigger.

Regards, Udo

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