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Re: [TCML] Primary cap behavior

Em 26/09/2019 13:31, undisclosed recipient via Tesla escreveu:
  Please pardon the crude drawing but this is the best way

terminal out 1---[cap]—[cap]—[cap]—[cap—[cap]—[cap]—[cap]—[cap]—[cap]—|  input  |—[cap]—[cap]—[cap]—[cap]—[cap]—p[cap]—[cap]—[cap]—[cap]— terminal out 2
  Each string of caps can handle 19 kV

With terminal 1 tapped onto the primary coil, it works as expected.
HOWEVER when I attach terminal 2 as well then I literally get nothing
Yet when I attach terminal 2 to the primary coil it works as expected.

any ideas?

Out of tune with the two strings in parallel if the primary gap fires, or the charging transformer can't charge both strings if the gap doesn't fire. Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz

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