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Re: [TCML] John Freau's streamer length equation

Thanks for bringing up this issue.  

I've heard reports that the DRSSTC's tend to be a little more efficient than SGTC's.Probably not a whole lot of difference.  
I never straighten out the streamers.  I just measured point to point for the equation.
I hope everyone is staying safe from the coronavirus.  

John Freau

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I was wondering if John Freau's empirical streamer length equation applies equally well to both SGTCs and DRSSTCs? It seems to me that it would since both SGTCs and DRSSTCs both operate on the principal of feeding a rapidly repeating stream of CW pulses into the primary coil.

A related question involves how to measure the streamer length as predicted by the John Freau equation. Do you mentally straighten out the streamer removing all the bends and curves or do you just measure the straight-line length from start to finish with a straight line cutting through the bends and curves? My thinking is that you mentally straighten out the bends and curves into a straight line before making the measurement.

Here is John Freau's equation for spark gap coils for reference:

Length = 1.7 sqrt(input power)

where Length is in inches and input power is in watts.

Steve White
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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