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Re: [TCML] More fun with wireless power

On 8/1/20 10:15 AM, Greg Leyh wrote:
Hi All,

Made a short video of the new 'Tesla Roadster,' a small vehicle powered completely by ambient fields as per Tesla's original patent.

This one includes a bunch of improvements over the first one.  Lower rolling resistance, better drive ratio, and better tuning and coupling for the onboard Tesla coil.  All of the small improvements had a much bigger impact than expected:


There's some wireless history at the beginning, test starts at 2:22.

Pretty cool. I'm assuming you limit the power to the "transmitter" to keep breakouts from happening (although there was at least one).

What's the "receiving tesla coil" like? I assume it's tuned to the same frequency, but how do you get DC power - rectify the LV winding output?

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