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[TCML] FW: VTTC for sale (estate)

I don't know that I can post pictures here, I am helping to liquidate an estate with a LOT of tools and tooling near Los Angeles.  My now deceased friend had two tesla coils, one was rather pretty but incomplete, that one sold.  The other is a VTTC with a pair of VT-4C vacuum tubes.  It works, it will light a fluorescent tube up at three or four feet, maybe more, and holding the fluorescent you can draw sparks several inches long.  If I can't find a way to sell it intact, I will sell the two tubes on ebay and throw the coil away - but I hate to do that - so if someone can come up with $400 or so for the coil, it's yours..  I can get photos.  It is an old style coil with a long thin secondary and a small spherical top load.

Please email directly if you are interested.

Regards, Bill Noble

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