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Re: [TCML] Need some caps

On 12/21/20 5:06 PM, shaun wrote:
The last time I bought any they it was through TTI for 3 buck a cap X 120. Now I see they are rolled gold. I would go $200, I know that is low, but that wife is not a tesla fan.

You could use the technique the kids at the stables would use when trying to convince parents to buy/lease a horse.

"Sure, Mom, I could give up this hobby/activity...I'll just starting hanging out at the mall and look for cute guys/girls, it's not like I have to spend any money when they will."

You update it a bit, and explain how coiling keeps you off the streets, and is relatively safe, compared to wingsuit BASE jumping, drag bikes, horseback riding - you get the idea.

Yeah, the MMC is not as good a deal as it used to be.  Maybe you can look for a single capacitor (i.e. a Maxwell or Condenser Products) - they seem to be (used) more in the price range - but you do have the "maybe the shot life is at an end" problem.

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