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[TCML] Scope traces of my little 304er VTTC

Hi all.

Been busy working on several things VTTC related. And busy at work. Just
been mainly lurking here and reading on a few interesting topics recently.
Been meaning to post several things, and have just now finally found some

A while back, I took several pictures of scope traces of my 304er running
both the modified "breadboard" interrupter and the now very slightly
modified EVR interrupter.

Going to make just a few brief comments and just let the traces speak
for themselves. This was the first time I have done some of these
measurements. Only had so much equipment before. But over the years I have
been getting more gear. May be some errors in some of these readings. Just
mainly posting for those possibly interested in what some of this looks
like on a tube coil, on the current state of tuning that my 304er is
currently in. Comments and questions are welcome if any. I will try to
answer what I can on some things, and will admit some I will not be able
to. Still learning, all the time...

The gear I was using here and pics was:

A scope current clamp on the 120VAC input line: where 1mv=1A

Just a note: using breadboard interrupter.


A Pierson wideband current monitor (100mv=1A) on the secondary ground on
channel 1 and a 10x probe on channel 2 just hanging in the air nearby:

Just a note: the first 4 pics are just the current monitor on the
breadboard interrupter just channel 1. The others are the EVR both
channels. In 2 of the EVR pics you can see the burst mode: of the 2 pulse
and 4 pulse and this was during the "long lead" mode.


A Tektronix 1000x probe on the level shifted power from the MOT:

Just a note: using breadboard interrupter.


And finally a 100x probe on the grid leak:

Just a note: using breadboard interrupter.


Just a note: using EVR in both "normal lead" and "long lead" mode.


Anyways, I found some of this interesting and was expecting some of what I
saw, but was surprised by others.

And just for another reference, here is a few pics again of the interrupter
pulse timings, that are also in the EVR thread I started a while back, that
is related to these readings:
The first 1 is the breadboard and the 2nd and 3rd the EVR.


Hopefully I have said everything correctly here and got all typos :^)

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

Sent from my LG V20
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