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Re: [TCML] Help with band and song in old coiler videos

On 11/19/20 1:45 AM, Tesla wrote:
At 17:47 2020-11-15, you wrote:

Thanks for the suggestion guys, I wouldn't have solved this without your help. All is sorted out and I'm now in contact with Jeff. How about that, a coiler using music from another coiler in a video. Pretty cool. Not only that, turns out we're
both drummers. Epic! =)

Best regards and be safe out there
/Matthias (tesla.nu)


This brings up an interesting thing - there's tons of musical tesla coils out there these days, some impressive and some, well, meh...

BUT - I wonder if the song recognizers recognize the song when played by a TC?

I suspect that they are more "pattern match to the recorded original version".

Someone playing Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring or Tocatta and Fugue in D minor on a piano, flute, or TC wouldn't necessarily be recognized, unless it happened to match a recorded version.

And, sadly, I've not seen any "top 10 hits of the 90s on Tesla Coil" in the local record store, even in the cut-out bin.

I mean, I think there should be special categories for "Music on Tesla Coils" or even more specialized "Theremin as input to Rotary Spark Gap Tesla Coil"

But I'm weird, and not particularly representative of the music buying public

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