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[TCML] New VTTC no spark

I built a VTTC over the past couple months. I am in no way an electronics
wizard. This will become more evidence I proceed. I used Steve Wards Single
A833 tube diagram. I have checked and triple checked all on the wiring. It
all seems correct. I can not get a spark out of it. Mind you, I live in an
apartment and I am trying to power it on a 15amp breaker. It will trip the
breaker at about 120 volts on the meter. I have set a CFL bulb on the
toroid while I do it, I never get a flicker. I bought the Doorknob caps
from eBay and haven’t really been able to determine if any of them are bad.
They are not shorted. I have tried (2) different A833 tubes. Same results.
I guess my first question is, will there be any discharge from the coil at
lower voltages or does the tube have to start before I get anything from
the output. I may just need to take it somewhere that I have more power
available. Thanks in advance for any help.

Chip Ford

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