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Re: [TCML] We have lost one of the greatest.

It didn't take long for Antonio's web site to vanish,


thus breaking a great number of valuable links across the
Internet, including Wikipedia and numerous TCML posts...

Anticipating this, I took a complete mirror of the site on
12th October.

Being not sure of the legalities and copyright issues etc, I don't
want to publish the mirror on my site but I would like to share
the archive so that it is less likely to be lost.

PM and I'll reply with a link to a 217Mbyte tgz file in which
links are converted to relative so that the mirror can be
viewed correctly in a browser starting with a file:// URL.

I haven't yet downloaded Antonio's videos from youtube, 106 at
a rough count.  Perhaps I'd better set a download going...

Paul Nicholson

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