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[TCML] We have lost one of the greatest.

It is with great sadnes and regret that I inform you all, that we have lost one of the greatest amongst us, Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz. It was cancer that took him.
I have this information from Facebook, where it was confirmed by his nephew.

This is the message from his wall at Facebook:
Friends, colleagues and students of Professor Moreirão,
We reported his passing yesterday (10/10) in Petrópolis, where he was buried today at Cemiterio Municipal. We appreciate all the condolences and support received. The seventh day mass will be next Friday.
Family of professor Antonio Carlos

Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz was a master of matematics, I first became aware of his excellence back in early 1999, when he explained how the coupling coefficient between two loosely coupled coils determines the frequency splitting and ringdown behaviour of the coils combination. Since this happened, Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz kept on presenting small tools that could help in the design of high voltage apparatus.
One example was INCA, a small program which, among several other things, was able to plot the electrical field between solids, a very usefull feature.
The list of programs that he wrote is long, and they were always generously shared:
Besides his interest in Tesla Coils, Antonio Carlos M. de Queiroz was _the_ expert on electrostatic machines, he built most of them, and always rendered a drawing in 3-D before proceding to build.

The fact that I have been allowed to be aquainted with a man of his magnitude makes me feel proud and happy, and this helps to soothe the sorrow caused by his passing.

My condolences, Finn Hammer

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