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This doesn't make sense to me. As you stated the firing is the same regardless of the capacitance. I have a John Freau style phase adjuster. I have tried adjusting the firing point from nominal and I see no effect. I am running at 240 PPS. Maybe you would see more affect at 120 PPS.

Steve White
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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This is a excerpt of a thread by Ed Sonderman


I had a tuning problem, even when the primary tap was set right where it 

should be - according to my calculations.  John Morawa pointed out to me

I needed to re-set the phase angle on the motor after increasing the 

capacitance - which hadn't occured to me.


Ed Sonderman


In the above statement, Mr Morawa stated about needing to re-set the phase
after increasing the tank capacitance


This is a synchronous spark gap they are talking about.

Let just assume that the srsg is set to fire just before peak, how is
changing the tank cap going to change the phase, as it is still firing at
the same phase no matter what size tank cap is used.


Any thoughts, I do enjoy Ed's adventures and documentation,

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