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[TCML] Re: Interesting early commercially made little "TC's" from Spellman.

Hi all,

I have come across some more information on these early Spellman's.
One power supply is using the "big" coil advertised on another page and is
the same one from previous pages I have posted. Pretty neat to see the
insides of this one. Quite a bit going on here.
I am still going through several large early trade catalogs that I have
This catalog here is just a tad over 1500 pages.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

Not too much longer, I will be "tearing" into the one RFPS/DC that I

Chris Reeland
Ladd Illinois USA

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab® S

On Fri, Mar 12, 2021, 4:57 PM Chris Reeland <chrisreeland@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all and Steve,
> Sorry, I kind of "dangled a carrot with a brown bag over it" :-D
> So I have done it early for Steve, since I have him wondering now.
> Only has taken me 6 days to actually open this area up, since I got it  :^)
> I am quite patient with some things. I was not going to open up until I
> was actually ready to do a proper complete restoration of this. Already
> loosely planning with my Father on this to bring to his place and work on
> together in about month or so. I also do not have a tube tester yet for
> these kind of small tubes. He has several. Also, 2 "can" caps so far should
> wisely be replaced.
> Currently busy working on several coil projects, related interrupters
> modifying again...and testing at my place.
> So here is an early peek after all at the little beauty of TC  :^)
> Pictures link:
> https://photos.app.goo.gl/adrpec9MSGqJBpbS9
> Commenting on what I saw inside, nothing in condition surprises me.
> Overall really clean for age. Worst visual thing, which is no big deal is
> the mildew on plastic sleeves over high ohm resistors.
> On the coil model from Spellman, it looks to me a customized stock coil.
> It appears to me, and I can see the cut marks at the top of the coil where
> they cut off the original "tickler" coil. Feedback is done completely
> different as can be seen under the high voltage rectifiers. Interesting
> filaments supply coils also. Lots of "pies".
> I have not opened the under deck yet. Happen later. I right away put it
> back in the mini rack mount enclosure.
> Okay, I will eventually get to this project in near future. Will scope
> stuff and test output and will hook up an eletrostatic HV meter also and
> give updates here.
> Chris Reeland
> Ladd Illinois USA
> Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab® S
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