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Ok,Im thinking Bert is correct. I was infact able to power on at 120v. I'm curious now if I can power it up at 208 (ie the line to neutral voltage in a 240Y system) kind of odd to have a part number implying 120 operation, but a label implying 240v operation.I think ill call the company and ask for more info. Note: after peaking under the hood,this variac has no additional taps.The name plate is obvious,Simple diagram,  3 screw lugs.1 wired to the beginning of the coil2 is the wiper3 is wired at about 75% of the coil1 and 3 are connected to the strange little transformer cores, which arnt paralleling chokes (no interconnection to the other cores) I'll update again with any useful info I may find. -JaySent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
-------- Original message --------From: Bert Hickman <berthickman1@xxxxxxxxx> Date: 8/8/21  3:10 PM  (GMT-05:00) To: tcml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: [TCML] Re: Variac troubles Hi Jay,Try running them off 120 volts to see if they operate correctly.Although I wasn't able to find the specs for your specific variacs, Staco does show what may be a similar version (5011-3Y). Deciphering the part number suggests that your ganged variacs may be actually be configured to operate off 120 volts. Staco's variacs often have a variety of terminals/taps that allow them to be configured for operation in various single-phase and 3-phase modes and ganged for higher currents.The chokes are likely "paralleling chokes". These are are actually small transformers that are used to balance slight output voltage differences when multiple variacs are connect4ed together to increase output current and eliminate unwanted circulating currents between paralleled variacs.Once you remove the covers, you should be able to rewire them to operate of 240 volts by changing jumper settings. The Staco web site has lots of information that you may find useful.Good luck!BertOn Sun, Aug 8, 2021, 7:39 AM jhowson4 <jhowson4@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:> All, I would like to pic your brains. I acquired a stacco 5010-3Y, its> labeled as a 240V 3 phase unit set at 0-280 out. 50A per core. Only 3> terminals per core. Clearly marked. I'm running it on a 30A breaker at the> moment. With no load you'd think that would be fine. Sounds great, except I> can't get the darn thing to operate. Pops the breaker every time. Makes a> hellacious 60hz hum in the process on all the cores. This is with it> connected to nothing on the output, just applying voltage. Logically I> checked for anomalous resistances, everything showing proper> isolation.Visual inspection doesn't show anything noticable, Brushes and> contact surface looks good. One of the cleaner units i own..  Inrush> current seemed to be the next logical thing to try, got a 35A CW rated> varistor 2 to.02ohms (i only wanted to run these at 30A for the time> being)  which promptly exploded.  A relay shorting a high power 6ohm> resistor was the next step. Powered on at 240v with series resistor for> about 5 seconds then kicked on the relay to remove the resistor, bzzzzzzz> pop goes the breaker. No magic smoke or smells of burnt enamel.> Unfortunatly I havnt been able to observe the actual current its drawing> yet. But I will set up a scope in the near future to record it. I've> brought many variacs back into service, as have many of you. But this is> the only one thats been a real head scratcher. Next step is to pull the top> plate and see if anything is going on in the middle with the connections,> but alas Its not like I'm reading any shorts. There are 3 little inductors> or something that seem to be inside each core. I assumed they were on each> input/output to act as a current limiter of some sort.  But ill have a> better look when I pull the cover and go over a core with a fine toothed> comb.Anyone have any ideas of what I could be looking for or potential> causes. What ever the matter is, it seems to effect all 3 cores. Unclear if> the effect is equal on each core, but the result is the same. -Jay_______________________________________________Tesla mailing list -- tcml@tcml.pupman.comTo unsubscribe send an email to tcml-leave@tcml.pupman.com______________________________________________Tesla mailing list -- tcml@tcml.pupman.comTo unsubscribe send an email to tcml-leave@tcml.pupman.com_______________________________________________Tesla mailing list -- tcml@tcml.pupman.comTo unsubscribe send an email to tcml-leave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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