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[TCML] Secondary Testing

I have a simple spark gap Tesla Coil that worked with an 10kV oil burner 
ignition transformer...until the transformer blew out. At one point there 
was an arc to the middle of the secondary but I believe that I was able to 
add extra polyurethane and I believe that it still worked afterwards, again 
until the OBIT blew.

I moved and I now have a 15kV neon sign transformer, so I added capacitors 
in series with my MMC to allow for the higher voltage.

I have never been able to get the Tesla Coil to work again.

If the secondary had a shorted turn, would tgat prevwnt it from working?

How can I test the secondary?

Any Tesla Coil enthusiasts near Monroe Township, NJ?

Thank you,
David Delman