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[TCML] Re: Pratical measurement of voltages and current on TCs

Hi Paul, 
I have two comments...
1.  Do you think it matters at all, or not enough to matter much, if the current transformer is located right near the base of the coil (perhaps directly grounded there), or could it be very far away from the coil lead but still on the secondary ground lead?
The advantage of a far located current transformer being safety to the scope's electronics.  Even though super nice digital magical scopes cost 1/10 what they did back in my day, I know nobody wants to fry them in any case.
Of course, the base coil lead should lead off away at the 90 degree equivalent angle so as not to get messed with by the primary...
Perhaps a by side test if anyone has the means.
2.  I have a TON of Pearson current transformers!!!
I think I was buying everyone one on Earth for a few years.  :D
If anyone needs Pearson current transformers, let me know and I can cut you super special deals (postage costs) on them!!!

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I think that the best measurement you can make with a scope
is to sample the secondary base current with a wideband current

The base current is a direct and rich diagnostic of almost the
whole system, and your instrumentation is well isolated.

Combine the secondary base current with a precise circuit model,
eg in Spice, to deduce the other waveforms with good accuracy,
at least in the region up to breakout.

Things get a bit more interesting and more difficult once the
system begins to be loaded by breakout. That's about the place
we got to with measuring and modeling about 20 years ago.

But start with the base current and a linear unloaded model.

Paul Nicholson
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