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[TCML] Re: Pratical measurement of voltages and current on TCs

On 12/8/21 2:53 AM, Terry Fritz wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> Interesting!
> Pearson curent probes are fully shileded but the sheid acts as a shorted turn near the primary.  All that 90 degree stuff is really imprortant near the primary.  I think remote location is a big help for those new people that not brave (stupid enough :D ) to locate scope probes near coils.
> I love E-field probes.  They just work!  I just had to whip up another for myself since all the folks I lend them to never bring them back :D
> https://ibb.co/YL99n1H
> Good thought about field probe interference.  I don't think most folks who care much about fine details.  But for true science it would me a major factor.
> Who would ever waist time on dividers!!!!

I think most folks are interested in waveforms, not absolutely 
calibrated voltages.  The e field probe approach gives you exactly that. 
  (well, a lot depends on where the probe is - does it "see" things 
other than the topload (like the secondary), and is there a significant 
phase shift between top and bottom of secondary. I don't think so.  The 
"slow wave structure" advocates say yes there is - this is not by any 
means tesla coilers only - the same discussion happens when talking 
about loading coils on antennas.

And, of course, it's difficult to adequately instrument.   Maybe leads 
made of semiconductive paper aka spacecloth (377 ohms/square, like free 
space) leading to a divider at some distance?