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[TCML] Re: Seeking parts for synchronous rotary spark gap.

There's no need for tungsten carbide. A plastic disk made of HDPE or even 
a thin plastic cutting board is fine. You might even sneak by with the 
rotor disk being press fit to the shaft, depending your skills with a 
drill. balance of the disk really won't matter too much at 1800RPM or 
whatever you use.

I like brass contacts from bolts of allthread, because it's easy to work 
with and isn't covered in zinc. I made my first coils with no machine 
tools past a drill and handsaw and that works fine. Without additional 
information on the motor, there's not much more I can suggest.

Mechanically all you need are to support the contacts and to insulate 
them. No parts touch, they just fly by each other. It's really not an 
engineering challenge. You will need the motor to rotate in a cradle of 
some sort to "time" it against line voltages. My last rotary gap used 
strings to tie the motor to the base. Phase was adjusted by rotating the 
motor by hand. It worked fine.

Photos of the motor and setup would help.

On Sat, 11 Dec 2021, Tesla Burton wrote:

> Hi all I have a small bodine synchronous motor and I?ve been looking for 
> a small rotor for it. It?s a 1/4 shaft. I?ve seen tungsten carbide 
> crisscross electrodes insulated by nylon or some sort of non conductive 
> plastic but I have no info on where or how to make such a rotor and 
> point assembly. Alternative I could use a small disc type rotor but the 
> ac motor has barely any hp or torque. I?m somewhat of a novice but my 
> current coil uses an RQSG and two 12k / 30ma neons in parallel.
> Thanks for your time
> VInnie
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