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[TCML] For Sale - Terry Fritz Fiber Probes


Recently there has been a lot of discussion regarding measuring 
parameters on Tesla Coils. I have a set of "Terry Fritz Fiber Probes" 
that I spent close to $500.00 on. If someone is interested in them I 
would be willing to sell them at a very reduced price. Email me directly 
if you want Terry's design document or some pictures.

The following is a quick description from Terry's document circ 1999.

Rev. 4 VI Probe Theory
The VI Probe consists of three main parts. There is a transducer that
turns either high voltages or high currents into smaller signals. A 
transmitter that
takes the small signal from the transducer and converts it into an 
analog light
signal. That signal is sent out over a fiber optic cable to a receiver 
where the light
signals are converted back to electrical signals again. The fiber cable 
total isolation between the transmitters and the receiver.