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[TCML] Tesla's Wardenclyffe system

Been a while... Hello!

Brent Turner here.

Was just hit with a stunning revelation.

Bill Beaty had an interesting discussion about using a Tesla coil secondary into a single-line transmission system. (The end capacitances thus used for the e-field return. 


Recent interest in the Zenneck wave got me thinking.


Look at Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter patent drawing. Note the inclusion of a THIRD winding in the exciter/driver. It's NOT the primary winding.

Bill Wysock speculated that perhaps it was to SUPERIMPOSE the actual POWER WAVE and simply use the Transmitter as the carrier system. BINGO.

Now consider an analogy to how a klystron tube works. The beam current acts like a SINGLE CONDUCTOR TRANSMISSION LINE, in that the RF signal is modulating the electrons into the characteristic bunching, which of course travels the length of the drift section.


Now REPLACE the drift section with the Tesla surface wave. It suddenly all makes sense. Was Tesla's idea to send the actual POWER via 'packets' IN the surface wave?

Mike drop.

- brent
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