Power Factor Correction

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If anybody else caught my post of yesterday, you will already
know how bad I screwed up the formula for deriving the Power
Factor Correction capacitance required to efficiently operate
neon sign transformers as Tesla coil power supplies. All I can
say is that I am human, and that it has been over a year since I
first posted the erred formula, and I was just now notified of
the problem. I guess I could go on with the excuses, about how my
coil ate the chip in my TI-55 calculator with scientific
notation, or my undiagnosed math dyslexia, or whatnot <grim grin>

The problem was with the Corrected kVA figure of the equation,
and the most correct information I can come up with after
researching this problem for the better part of the day was the
following information provided courtesy of Jefferson Electric
Co., Tel: (708) 806-6500.

   Corrected Power Factor
Secondary Rating     Volt-Amps
  kV,mA                (VA)

 15,120                 900
 15,60                  450
 15,30                  250
 12,120                 775
 12,60                  400
 12,30                  200
  9,120                 600
  9,60                  300
  9,30                  150
7.5,120                 500
7.5,60                  250
7.5,30                  125
  6,60                  200
  6,30                  100

Basically the VA number from this correction table must be
substituted for the directly calculated VA from the neon sign
transformer output. I have listed a few common neon ratings to
the left, with the corrected VA numbers to the right. Divide the
VA numbers given by 1000 to provide the "Corrected kVA" number
used in the formula that went out previously.

Again I am very sorry if this has caused any inconvenience.

Richard Quick
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